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Weekly Recap — 1/14/18

We hope you manage to keep up with all of our stories, but we know you’re busy and may miss a few. That’s why we’re starting this weekly recap.

As a bonus, we also highlight a few non-Tincture stories that founder Jordan Shlain and editor Kim Bellard thought you should also see.

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Tincture stories

Steven Merahn, M.D. argues that physicians need not just empathy but professional intimacy: Is Healthcare Inside Out?

Robert Sundelius offers his thoughts about what to look for in healthcare leaders: Three Wishes: Seeking High Performance Healthcare Leaders

Miss CES 2018? Don’t worry, Lygeia Ricciardi has it covered: Live from CES: Three Digital Health & FitnessTakeaways

Many blame our employment based system for the U.S. healthcare system woes, but Mike Townsend says “not so fast”: 3 Lessons Studying Japanese Healthcare

There is, and needs to be, a “next internet.” Kim Bellard thinks healthcare should be leading its development: No Internet? No Problem

Susannah Fox explains why you should see the new documentary “Unrest”: Unrest

Anthony Mancusco, M.D continues his series on reforming medical education:. Mastering All Clinical Scenarios in Radiology: An Invitation to Harm?

Danny van Leeuwen reminds us that a person is more than a label: #WordDoMatter

Jordan’s picks:

I am developing a new procedure: Souloscopy. This will detect if people actually have a soul or to see if their soul is inflamed — or Soulitis. Purpose in Life as a Predictor of Mortality Across Adulthood

The selling of metrics: the hard doctrine of personal optimization. Improving Ourselves t Death

Organic Material found in outer space. Hmmmm Organic matter in extraterrestrial water-bearing salt crystals

Kim’s picks:

Any healthcare system — or country — that allows this needs to be ashamed. Hospital CEO apologizes to discharged patient: ‘We take full responsibility for that failure​’

I mean, really? ‘It Will Be Transformational.’ Kentucky Becomes First State to Adopt New Medicaid Work Requirement

Once again, this is not — repeat, not! — good news. Health Care Just Became the U.S.’s Largest Employer

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