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Letter sent on Feb 4

We hope you manage to keep up with all of our stories, but we know you’re busy and may miss a few. That’s where Tincture Takes comes in. .

As a bonus, we also highlight a few non-Tincture stories that founder Jordan Shlain and editor Kim Bellard thought you should also see.

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Tincture Takeaways

Only Zahir MD would think to compare Residency Match Day to NBA Draft day! CO Was Supposed to Be CA!

You don’t have to start companies to be an Entrepreneur, says Karim Sandid, MD. Medical Doctor (and) Or Entrepreneur?

If you haven’t heard of The Health Collaborative, you’ll want to know more. Collaboration Still Works. Our 5Q With Craig Brammer

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase are making big healthcare news. Steven Merahn, MD, thinks many are looking at it wrong. “The Uber of Healthcare?”: It’s Not About the App, It’s About the Overhead.

Is the era of secrets over? Kim Bellard points out why it may be. They Know When You’re Jogging, They Know When…

Mike Townsend believes there is a major role for government in healthcare. Just not single payor. In Healthcare — Government Should Manage Nets, Not Markets

Health data privacy is a big deal. Peter Fortes thinks perhaps too big a deal. Why Do We Care So Much About Health Data Privacy

Grace Cordovano explains we need to start preparing young people about the health care experience early. Part 2/2. The Gravest Omission in US Healthcare (Part 2).

Jordan’s Takeaways

“History is a conservative discipline in that the one lesson that comes out of it is, nothing ever works out the way you think it’s going to” Polarization is an Old American Story

Looks like the corporate practice of medicine needs a fix. Patient safety at risk and doctors are now on the business end of being customer service reps for a horrible product they have no control over. Help Dr. Blum! New Trial Date To Be Set in Doctor’s Lawsuit

Is the black box of AI good or bad for healthcare? Can a lawyer sue an AI decision? Artificial Intelligence’s ‘Black Box’ Is Nothing to Fear

Kim’s Takeaways

Those high risk people aren’t someone else. They could be any of us at any time. Consistently High Turnover in the Group of Top Health Care Spenders

Go ahead: I dare you to say this isn’t cool. Surgeons call on Hololens during reconstructive surgery

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