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Letter sent on Jan 21

Tincture Takeaways

We hope you manage to keep up with all of our stories, but we know you’re busy and may miss a few. That’s where Tincture Takes comes in. .

As a bonus, we also highlight a few non-Tincture stories that founder Jordan Shlain and editor Kim Bellard thought you should also see.

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Tincture Takes:

Many of us are like fish out of water in healthcare settings. Danny van Leeuwen suggests we make our own ponds in A Fish Out of Water

Are hospitals facing the future of railroads and print publishing? Dr. Steven Merahn offers some advice for them in The Future of Hospitals…Not BUH-BYE but B2B

Medical education and training is not taking full advantages of technological advances in learning. Dr. Anthony Mancusco wants to change that. Three Ways Medical Education Could Better Serve the Modern Learner.

Think gadgets are broken? Healthcare: hold my beer. Kim Bellard explains: How to Make Healthcare Great (Again?)

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and organizations will need a new playbook. Robert Sundelius has suggestions. The New Playbook to Lead in Healthcare.

Jordan’s Takeaways:

Can we be honest? Breakfast is now “Dessert” and so are soft drinks, condiments (ketchup) and almost 80% of what you buy. We need to call American breakfast what it often is: dessert.

Robots for Microsurgery! Small but fast: a miniaturized origami-inspired robot combines micrometer precision with high speed.

Kim’s Takeaways:

If their religious preferences preclude them from doing what it best for the patient, maybe some healthcare workers are in the wrong profession. Trump Gives Health Workers New Religious Liberty Protections

Generally, I think this is a good thing, but it doesn’t take a Black Mirror episode to imagine all that could go wrong. You could soon be manufacturing your own drugs — thanks to 3D printing.

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