Three Wishes: Seeking High Performing Healthcare Leaders

You Can Only Choose Three

I was recently invited to choose my top three preferred attributes for high-performing leaders in healthcare. The challenge came while pondering the question: what should we look for, what is ultimately most important, when building teams of exceptional leaders? What will be required of us to steward well the future of such a vital and radically changing industry sector? If forced to prioritize, what rises to be most important?

Here are my three coins for the 2018 healthcare leadership wishing well. Each has two sides, which gives more depth. The concept reflective of the fact leadership does not equate to a title but is rather a combination of character and competency: two sides to the same coin.

Leadership does not equate to a title but is rather a combination of character and competency: two sides to the same coin.

As we enter a New Year filled with so much uncertainty and yet such promise, we need leaders with these attributes now more than ever.

1)Emotional Intelligence & Selfless Courage

- Civility, integrity, grace, and ability to build trust at all levels; genuinely self-aware, vulnerable, teachable and open to the influence of others. Accountable.

- Decisive and relentless in pursuit of excellence; clear in daily decisions, pursuit of stretch goals, ownership of personal improvement as a means to team improvement, and courage to first serve others.

2) Personal Agility & Systems Thinking

- Flexible, adaptive, and nimble; intellectual acuity to think rapidly on multiple tracks and display of a genuine calm demeanor in disruption. Grounded with the ability to pivot quickly.

- Insight to understand (and guide) the workings of complex systems; strategic clarity to align key influencers, invest resources, and facilitate fluid teams to achieve transformative change.

3) Inspirational Vision & Acute Focus

- Creates broad ownership of vision through exceptional communication skills; a “leader of leaders” who ensures resilience and focus: a role model for repetition (communicate, communicate, communicate) in a way that creates clarity of the “Why” and sometimes uses words.

- Data driven in decisions and knows how to maintain focus (financial, brand, quality, customer experience, talent, culture, organizational learning). And again, knows with crystal clarity the value of each as an expression and outcome of the “Why”.

Agree? What did I miss? What would you choose? Go ahead and give your three wishes.

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